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Mark Andrews

I am a general orthopaedic surgeon working in Scarborough Hospital with a special interest in both primary and revision hip and knee replacement surgery.

I trained in London and Yorkshire then undertook a fellowship in Revision Hip and Knee Surgery in Leeds before taking up a consultant post at Scarborough Hospital in 1997.

My academic interests include hydroxyapatite hip replacement, bone remodelling and fractures around hip replacements, avoidance of blood transfusion, biomechanics of the hip and the optimal treatment of hip fracture patients.

I have lectured on hip and knee replacement surgery in the UK , Germany, Spain and Ireland and have helped to establish and run the Furlong Hip Replacement training course for Surgeons. I use the Furlong hip and Nexgen (including the Gender knee) knee routinely but recognise the need to adapt the operation to suite each individual.

I have been regional representative for the National Joint Registry and am more recently the Medical Director for Scarborough Hospital since April 2009. It keeps me busy.

I have particular interest in:

  • Hip and Knee Replacement for young people
  • Problems following hip and knee replacement surgery
  • Revision hip and knee replacement surgery
  • Attending the person, not just the body

Full list of Conditions and Treatments

Hand and wrist Carpal tunnel syndrome, Trigger finger, Trigger thumb Ganglion, Tendonitis, De Quervain’s, Nerve compression
Hip Arthritis, Impingement, Labral tear, Groin pain, Hip pain, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Dysplasia, Dislocation, Fracture, Leg length discrepancy, C.D.H. , Slipped Epiphysis, S.U.F.E. , Perthes Osteitis Pubis, Avascular necrosis
Knee Arthritis, Meniscal injury, Cartilage injury, Meniscal tear, Cartilage tear, Fracture, Patella, Quadriceps rupture, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Osgood Schlatter, Osteochondritis
Elbow Tennis elbow surgery, Golfer’s elbow surgery, Ulna nerve surgery, Arthrotomy, Loose body removal
Hand and wrist Injection, Carpal tunnel decompression, Trigger finger release, Trigger thumb release, Ganglion excision, De Quervain’s release
Hip Injection, Hip replacement, Hip resurfacing, Revision hip surgery, Cemented, Un-cemented, Hybrid, Reverse hybrid, Cannulated hip screw, Dynamic hip screw, Femoral nail, Hemi-arthroplasty
Knee Injection, Arthroscopy, Menisectomy, Microfracture, Total knee replacement, Unicompartmental knee replacement, Debridement, Revision knee replacement

Dynamic hip screw Ganglion Ganglion excision Groin pain Ankle fusion Hip resurfacing Trigger thumb release De Quervain’s release Fusion Ulna nerve surgery Biceps rupture Tendon injury Non-union OATS Microfracture