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Jon Livesey

I am an orthopaedic Consultant based in Scarborough Hospital (since 2002). I care for most upper limb problems and also perform hip and knee replacements. I have developed several areas of special interest which include:

Shoulder pain caused by impingement, rotator cuff tears and arthritis. I offer arthroscopic “key-hole” techniques, traditional “open” operations and joint replacements.

Dupuytren’s contracture of the hand. I am often able to use techniques using local anaesthetic avoiding the need for a general anaesthetic.

Broken wrists including “bad breaks” of the radius. I treat both fresh breaks and breaks that have healed in the wrong position.

Full list of Conditions and Treatments

Elbow Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Fracture, Dislocation, Arthritis, Deformity, Mal-union, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Ulnar neuritis, Biceps rupture, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Nerve compression, Loose body
Hand and wrist Carpal tunnel syndrome, Trigger finger, Trigger thumb, Ganglion, Tendonitis, Dupuytren’s, De Quervain’s, Arthritis, Fracture, Mal-union, Deformity, Scaphoid injury, Non-union, Avascular necrosis, Sprains, Scapho-lunate injury, Nerve compression, Boutonniere deformity, Mallet finger, Skier’s thumb, Gamekeeper’s thumb, U.C.L. injury
Hip Arthritis, Fracture
Knee Arthritis
Shoulder Impingement syndrome, Rotator cuff disease, Arthritis, SLAP lesion, Dislocation, Instability, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder, Fracture
Elbow Injection, Arthroscopy, Tennis elbow surgery, Golfer’s elbow surgery, Fracture fixation, Elbow replacement, Osteotomy, Ulna nerve surgery, Biceps tendon repair, Radial head excision, Radial head replacement, O.K. procedure, Arthrotomy, Loose body removal
Hand and wrist Injection, Carpal tunnel decompression, Trigger finger release, Trigger thumb release, Ganglion excision, Dupuytren’s excision, De Quervain’s release, Fusion, Osteotomy, Trapeziumectomy, Ligament repair, Ligament reconstruction, Bone grafting, Scaphoid fixation, Nerve decompression, Fracture fixation
Hip Hip replacement, Revision hip surgery, Cemented, Un-cemented, Hybrid, Reverse hybrid, Cannulated hip screw, Dynamic hip screw, Femoral nail, Hemi-arthroplasty
Knee Total knee replacement, Unicompartmental knee replacement
Shoulder Injection, Arthroscopy, Sub acromial decompression, Rotator cuff repair, SLAP repair, Shoulder resurfacing, Shoulder replacement, Fracture fixation, Joint release, Shoulder stabilisation

Deformity Meniscal injury Tendonitis Footballer’s groin Perthes Hip resurfacing Sciatica Femoral nail Hallux rigidus Patella Tendon rupture Sprains Shoulder stabilisation Sub acromial decompression Kienbock’s disease