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Andrew Collier

I am a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, based at Harrogate District Hospital (since 2001). I undertook my specialist training in orthopaedic surgery in York, Northallerton, Harrogate, Bradford and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals where I was a Honorary Tutor.

As past President of the British Orthopaedic Trainees Association, I was involved in the British Orthopaedic Association working party looking at training issues of junior doctors. Additionally, I sat on the orthopaedic specialist training committee (Yorkshire Deanery).

I have co-authored articles on upper limb conditions and training issues, and served on the Editorial Board of Current Orthopaedics. I have been active in instruction on Advanced Trauma Life Support provider and instructor courses.

Whilst being a general orthopaedic surgeon I have an interest in conditions of the hand and wrist. In addition to the excellent training I received on the hand and upper limb units in Leeds, I was the National Hand Fellow in Oxford, U.K. and an AO fellow in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

I specialise in:

Hand and wrist conditions including:

  • Dupuytren’s surgery
  • Thumb Arthritis Surgery
  • Wrist Trauma and Arthritis surgery
  • Nerve compression surgery (carpal tunnel syndrome, and Ulnar Neuritis)

and continue to work within General Orthopaedics and Trauma including:

  • Fracture fixation
  • Joint Replacement Surgery (Exeter Hip Replacement)
  • Foot surgery such as that for Bunions and Morton’s neuroma

I am an independent medical practitioner.

Where appropriate I will refer patients to colleagues whose areas of expertise are greater than mine, in a manner similar to my being referred patients with hand and wrist conditions by my colleagues. Not being part of any group (L.L.P. or chambers) I remain truly independent in this respect.

As a substantive NHS consultant post at Harrogate District Hospital, NHS appointments can be made through Choose and Book. I also consult at the BMI Harrogate Hospital (known locally as the ‘Duchy Hospital’).

When I am looking for rest and relaxation I indulge myself by learning to play the guitar, cycling, and fishing (both game and coarse), and am frequently shown up by my son with whom I pursue said activities!

I hope that the information this web-site will be of use to those who visit it.

The following link to will take you to my other web-site at which also contains information on common orthopaedic conditions that I treat within the generality of Trauma and Orthopaedics and of course within my specialist field of hand and wrist surgery.

Full list of Conditions and Treatments

Elbow Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Fracture, Dislocation, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Ulnar neuritis, Biceps rupture, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Nerve compression, Loose body
Foot and ankle Arthritis, Fracture, Achilles, Tendon rupture, Tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, Bunion, Hallux valgus, Hallux rigidus
Hand and wrist Carpal tunnel syndrome, Trigger finger, Trigger thumb, Ganglion, Tendonitis, Dupuytren’s, De Quervain’s, Arthritis, Fracture, Mal-union, Deformity, Tendon injury, Tendon rupture, Kienbock’s disease, Scaphoid injury, Non-union, Avascular necrosis, Sprains, Scapho-lunate injury, Nerve compression, Boutonniere deformity, Mallet finger, Skier’s thumb, Gamekeeper’s thumb, U.C.L. injury
Hip Arthritis, Hip pain, Bursitis, Fracture, Slipped Epiphysis, S.U.F.E.
Knee Arthritis, Fracture, Quadriceps rupture
Shoulder Impingement syndrome, Rotator cuff disease, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder
Elbow Injection, Tennis elbow surgery, Golfer’s elbow surgery, Fracture fixation, Ulna nerve surgery, Biceps tendon repair, Radial head excision, O.K. procedure, Arthrotomy, Loose body removal
Foot and ankle Injection, Osteotomy, Chevron, Scarf, Neuroma excision, Achilles tendon repair
Hand and wrist Injection, Carpal tunnel decompression, Trigger finger release, Trigger thumb release, Ganglion excision, Dupuytren’s excision, De Quervain’s release, Fusion, Osteotomy, Trapeziumectomy, Ligament repair, Ligament reconstruction, Tendon repair, Tendon reconstruction, Bone grafting, Scaphoid fixation, Nerve decompression, Fracture fixation
Hip Injection, Hip replacement, Cemented, Reverse hybrid, Cannulated hip screw, Dynamic hip screw, Femoral nail, Hemi-arthroplasty
Knee Injection
Shoulder Injection

O.K. procedure Carpal tunnel syndrome Perthes Nerve compression Scaphoid fixation Dysplasia Tennis elbow surgery Mosaicplasty Tendon rupture Menisectomy Arthrotomy Bunion Arthroscopy Hallux valgus Impingement syndrome