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On this website you will find an interactive search facility that can be used to find an orthopaedic surgeon in North Yorkshire utilising one of a number of methods. In the Find a Surgeon section you can search by body part, condition, treatment, location, surgeon’s name.

You will also find a Glossary of terms that can be used to explain some of the terms that you might have heard used in relation to the condition that you are seeking treatment for.

If you have a particular surgeon in mind then head straight to our Index of Surgeons for their biography and list of conditions treated, and contact details.

Useful links

Our links below are to other web sites, including individual surgeon’s web pages, or private hospital, or diagnostic facilities websites, as well as other resources.

Cartilage repair Ulna nerve surgery Impingement Ankle fusion Manipulation under anaesthetic Ankle arthroscopy Unicompartmental knee replacement Hemi-arthroplasty Trigger thumb release Rotator cuff repair Golfer’s Elbow C.D.H. Cubital tunnel syndrome Lumbar discectomy Osteotomy