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About us

North Yorkshire Orthopaedics is a website that has been developed to provide patients and medical practitioners a means of accessing services available for the treatment of orthopaedic conditions in North Yorkshire and its borders.

People now have the right to choose from any hospital offering a suitable treatment that meets NHS standards and costs. That choice may be influenced by an orthopaedic surgeon or hospital’s reputation, or because of a desire to be near family during and after their treatment.

One of the aims of the website’s creators is to make it as interactive as possible so that the user can find treatment options by a number of ways, searching by condition, treatment, location, and surgeon and using interactive diagrams.

The orthopaedic surgeons involved in the creation of North Yorkshire Orthopaedics hope that as the site develops, more and more profiles will be added so that the choice patients and clinicians make can be as informed as possible.

The orthopaedic surgeons listed on this website are based in North Yorkshire and have experience in the management of the generality of orthopaedics and trauma, as well as having specialist interests covering shoulder, upper limb, elbow, wrist and hand surgery, hip and knee surgery, spinal surgery, foot and ankle surgery. Treatments include arthroscopy, arthroplasty (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee joint replacement) to name a few.

In the future it is hoped that the site will be a useful tool for patients and doctors to find a wide range of supportive services such as private hospitals, radiology (diagnostic imaging) and physiotherapy that we are confident to endorse.

Non-union Joint release Biceps rupture C.D.H. Scapho-lunate injury Osteochondritis Tendonitis Trapeziumectomy S.U.F.E. Injection Neuroma excision Scaphoid injury Ulnar neuritis Ganglion Tendonitis Hammer toes